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Navigating the new ASA website

How do I get around the website?

From the home page it is very easy to find your way to all the important pages of the website.

From the very top menu (which appears on every page) you can:

  • read more about the ASA - Join us
  • send us an email - Contact us
  • browse our purchasable items - Shop

From this top menu (not shown) you can access your member portal - check out our other article on your member portal.

Below the top  menu is our main menu with 5 headings.  Just hover your mouse over any of the 5 heading and their 'sub-menus' will appear allowing you to find any page of the website easily and quickly.

Below our main menu are our ASA banners, these will cover topics of current interest or an upcoming event - there are a series of these which will rotate through every few seconds. Just click on any of the banners to find out more.

Below the banners are a series of menus which will provide you with access to:

  • our Advocacy page
  • ASA monitored companies
  • our proxy voting page
  • the latest news and analysis
  • 2 of our SIG's - ASA News Desk and Education
  • upcoming events
  • the latest equity

At the bottom of every page, there is a footer menu - just another way to quickly and easily get to pages of interest.

Once you are on any other page of the website you will:

  • usually have a left hand menu to help you  navigate that section
  • a quick links menu to take you to News, Events, Resources, Interest Groups & the Q&A page with one click.


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