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Follow your favourite companies

Would you like to be notified through your Member Portal when your favourite company's voting intentions or AGM reports are published?

It's easy - all you have to do is 'follow' your favourite companies.

Let's learn how.

First of all navigate your way to the Companies page by selecting Company Monitoring from the main menu and then Companies from the menu beneath that.

On the companies page you will see 3 tabs at the top - let's take a look at the first two - ASA Monitored and Companies List. (2 Black arrows).

The first tab is a list of all of the companies that the ASA monitors - so if you know that the ASA monitors the company you want to follow, then you could scroll down this list until you find it.

Alternatively you could type the ASX code in the search box (red arrow) and select the search button to the right. This narrows down your choices if you have the stock code correct. If you can't remember the code, then you can put a word in the title of the company in the Keyword search box and then select search - this will also narrows down your choices.

Once you've found the company you want to follow all you need to do is select the blue 'follow' button next to the company of your choice. This company then appears in your 'My followed companies' list (both here and in your Member Portal).

If your company is not one that is monitored by the ASA, select the entire Companies list (2nd black arrow) and use the same search functions to find the company you want to follow.  

HANDY TIP:  If you see the eye signal next to a company name in the list, this means that this company is an ASA monitored company!

Once you've followed all the companies you want, you can check your list by selecting the 'My Followed companies' tab (the third tab at the top of the Companies page).  You can also access your list from your Member Portal.

Did you know?

In your Member Portal and on the My Follow Companies tab, you can also sort your followed company list by the ASX code, the company name of the AGM date - handy if you want to keep on top of what AGMs are coming up.

If you want to find out more details about your company, just click on the company name - it's blue, indicating a link to another page.  Morningstar has provided the ASA with a data feed so that you can see certain company information.

HANDY TIP: If you are new to the ASA or would just like to learn more about company monitoring - check out the About Company monitoring page for more information.



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