For members, our resources are available on demand 24 x 7

Exploring your Member Portal

As a member you're able to personalise the content you are interested in. This will appear in your Member Portal, a centralised hub for all your communications and ASA needs.

Let's take a closer look.

You access your member portal by selecting the link at the top right hand corner of the site.

Once inside your portal you're presented with a range of information.  We'll look at each section in detail next.  


This area shows a quick summary of all the new information that may interest you. You can see that there are 8 new News articles and by clicking the link you're taken directly to the News articles page to review them.

You may have made a comment on an article or raised a question in the Q&A section (more on this in another resource) and in this section you can easily see if you've received any feedback.

New resources are being posted to the website all the time - these maybe interesting articles from publications, submissions by members, information resources like this one - to quickly and easily view all the new resources you can select the New resources link here.  

You may have raised a support request to our head office (more on this in another resource) and this section also allows you to see any updates on your support request. 

My Account

This area is where you can control and see everything related to your account. You can change your password, update your address, review your personal details, manage your email preferences and review your transaction history. Renewing your membership will be covered in a separate resource down the track.

We encourage you to explore this area and fill out as much detail as you like. Your information will not be passed on to third parties. The ASA's ongoing strategic planning will be better informed by information provided by members.

To flag to the ASA which location/s you have an interest in (so that you are notified of events pertinent to that area), you need to highlight one or more 'regions' - these are found by going into Personal details. Once in the Personal Details section, select the small address tab on the left hand side. Here you can highlight one or more regions, which means that you'll only receive meeting reminders for those areas you select. 

My Content

You are encouraged to indicate which of the Special Interest Groups or SIGs you are interested in by subscribing to them and this section is where you manage your 'subscriptions' to the SIGS. As new content is loaded to the website it's categorised to one or more of the SIGS and you only receive information for the SIGS you have selected.

Similarly, you can 'follow' ASX-listed companies of interest. Morningstar provide us with a datafeed that means our website lists all ASX-listed companies and their company contact details. AGM dates are also provided by this feed so only dates already advised to the ASX are posted. As voting intentions, company reports and content relevant to a particular company is posted to the website you're alerted via your Member Portal or email digest.

This section also allows you to review details of any events you've purchased tickets for, receive event related resources and if you are an ASA committee member, it's where you go to access any related information for your committee.

Keep an eye out for more resources helping you navigate your way around the ASA's new website.