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Exploring ASA resources

The ASA resources page is an easy to use search function that allows you to explore all the ASA's resources.

A resource is simply a term that our new website gives to a special way of presenting you information.  A resource allows us to present a variety of information through a range of medium (files, images, videos and links) in one easy to access page.

Resources can be:

  • categorised to a particular Special Interest Group and you can access them through the SIG pages or through your member portal (for the SIGs you have signed up for)
  • attached to specific pages so that similar resources can be presented in one place - like the Better Investing Group reports on the BIG page
  • categorised by type - file, image, video or link
  • found through searching on the resources page

Let's explore accessing resources in more detail.

How do you find a resource?

Let's say at your local ASA meeting you overhear someone talking about a new resource about setting up an SMSF.  How would you go about finding it?

Firstly, you could go the SMSF SIG page and select the Resources tab. If the resource is a recent one, you may find the resource listed near the top of the list.

Secondly, you think the resource might be a Tutorial, so you could visit the Tutorials page and search the tutorial resources attached there.

Finally, you might go straight to the Resources page via the quick link tab on all pages except the home page or through the menu under Education, News and Resources. Here you can use the 'search' function in the left hand menu to find any of the ASA's resources:

Step 1:  Select the category by checking the relevant box or boxes after you select the drop down menu - if you don't know a category, just leave it set at 'Any'.  Once you have selected your relevant category, then just click anywhere outside the check box area and the list will disappear. 

Step 2:  If needed - refine your search by selecting a special interest group relevant to your search - again check the relevant box or boxes after you select the drop down menu  and click anywhere outside the check box area to close the list -  in this case you can presume that the SIG will be 'SMSF'

Step 3:  If needed - use type to select by a resource type - there are four resource 'types', each denoted by a small icon.


Step 4:  Once you have made all your selections, click the Apply button and a list of resources will be shown that meet all your criteria.

Alternatively, you can scroll through the entire list of resources on the page or use the 'Relevance to me' tab or search alphabetically.


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