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Estate Planning Explained

Estate planning is an essential component of any financial plan.  However when it comes to establishing a financial plan, estate planning is often overlooked or given only cursory consideration.  While financial planning focuses on creating and preserving wealth, protecting your assets and legally reducing your tax throughout your lifetime, estate planning aims to provide the same outcome for your loved ones once your assets are passed onto them.

Planning your estate: more than simply making a Will

It is important to understand that having an effective estate plan in place to protect your assets for your loved ones involves much more than simply expressing how you want your assets distributed in a Will.

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Protecting your gift to your loved ones>

One way of protecting your gift is to incorporate one or more a discretionary testamentary trusts into your estate plan as this allows you to retain far greater control over the distribution of your assets to your intended beneficiaries and may also provide some tax advantages for those receiving your intended gift.

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