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Financial adviser

Where can one find a disinterested, professional financial adviser?
My accountant has made it clear this is not his area and I don't feel I will get objective advice for my from my local CBA branch. Of course I expect to pay the going rate for such a service.

3 Answers

When finally choosing a financial advisor check out the MoneySmart website for tips

There is also a register of financial advisors at

Good luck and please let me know how you go.

All the best

As a first port of call - try Mark Causer | Principal | Authorised Representative
Financial Keys
T +61 2 9233 3888 | F +61 2 9233 7088 | M +61 413 666 416 |
I have confidence in Mark - call and see if the chemistry is right for you.

Dear Mr Cowling

thank you for responding. I have been on holiday that is why I have been tardy.
I live in the Albert Park area of Melbourne. A recommendation would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you