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Advice on NAB Demerger

Will the ASA be giving its opinion on the latest NAB demerger, and also the benefits of selling or holding onto the shares offered?

John Rafter

5 Answers

Dear Alfred - please refer to our voting intentions for more information on ASA's position on the demerger

Dear Helen
Yes, if you write Australian Shareholders' Association in the box where it says who you want to appoint as your proxy, ASA will vote on your behalf. You do not need to tick any of the voting boxes on the form if you want to give ASA an undirected proxy (ie in which case, ASA will vote in favour, as per our voting intentions).
Kind regards

You say you are voting for the demerger of NAB from
undirected proxies from shareholders. Does that mean we are to insert ASA on the voting form? I am confused.

If ever Shareholders needed Guidance this is the time . The Scheme Booklet is ridiculously large & complex. After reading a few pages you have to go back and check what you have read. I doubt if the ordinary stock holder, like myself, will be able read this document completely let alone understand it all.
I think the ASA should give some guidance on what to do!

Dear John

The ASA will be publishing voting intentions for the NAB demerger of its UK operations which will cover the main aspects of the demerger and options for shareholders. It is unlikely we will be providing much commentary on the benefits of selling or holding on to shares offered, as we are unable to give financial advice.

Kind regards