Our submissions

Two of the most crucial facets of a stable financial system are robust and equitable regulatory oversight and effective regulation. 

Protection of our members and minority shareholders interests is very important and can be improved in many ways through a range of shareholder protections.

The ASA is active in:

  • Corporations Act reform
  • Corporate Governance Council guideline developments
  • Takeover protections
  • Continuous disclosure improvements
  • Protection from scams and swindles
  • Financial advice and financial product fee disclosure
  • Protections for shareholders of companies in financial distress
  • Taxation reform
  • Accounting standard improvements
  • Levelling the playing field amongst all shareholders

Through making submissions, appearing before hearings and advocating our position to decision makers, we've been instrumental in achieving vital improvements to shareholders’ rights. In terms of share market investing, Australia ranks as one of the most shareholder friendly places to invest. 

However our work is never done. We keep pushing for improvement.

Here are our submissions: