Our members are our people

Overseen by a Board of Directors, the ASA's national office is located in Sydney’s CBD. The office is staffed by a small team of dynamic, dedicated and professional personnel.

With state branches across Australia, each state is supported by a state chair and committee. They are responsible for coordinating most of the activities held in the state.

ASA’s Company Monitor Chairs oversee our team of hard-working volunteer company monitors whose role is to meet with ASX-200 company executives, prepare detailed voting intentions, attend annual general meetings, vote members’ proxies and ask boards’ questions about corporate governance, executive remuneration, company performance and other shareholder issues.

Our success is made possible by a diverse range of dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced volunteers who provide detailed and independent reports based on ASA Policy.


The Australian Shareholders' Association is overseen by an experienced Board of Directors comprising a chairman and six directors.


The ASA operates nationally with active committees in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and the ACT. Each state is overseen by a state chair with a state committee.


Each year, the ASA monitors the performance of Australia's top ASX200 companies. The company monitoring process is overseen by a company monitor chairman in each State/Territory.