Company monitors

Shareholders have skin in the game

We offer training that gives shareholders insight into how companies really work:

  • learn to detect the warning signals
  • read between the lines of the Annual Report
  • improve your personal investment skills

“I've been a member of ASA for some years and am also a company monitor. As a member I gain excellent value from the various courses, discussion groups and the annual conference run by the ASA and always look forward to my monthly magazine. Monitoring companies has proven to be a fantastic learning experience as well as being very interesting work. It's a good opportunity to meet and have fruitful discussions with board chairs and senior management of Australia's large companies.”    Carol Limmer,  Investor, NED and NSW company monitor

Each year the ASA monitors the performance of ASX-200 companies

Members who volunteer to become company monitors are involved in:

  • meeting company chairs, non-executive directors and executives of their allocated company
  • drafting voting intentions
  • attending AGM's and raising shareholder issues on behalf of members and shareholders
  • voting the ASA's proxy votes

Become a Company Monitor

If you're interested, send us an email using the contact form below.  We'll be in touch to discuss you joining our company monitor team.