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ASA Advocacy Update

Since Suncorp's AGM on 21 September, 65 ASA company monitors attended 155 meetings and voted proxies representing over $2 billion value. If it wasn't for the AGM reports now flooding in, it would almost be quiet as we enter the final month of 2017 and September year-end company's AGM season.

ASA company monitors will be active right up until the week before Christmas. We will be voting against the Westpac remuneration report and allocations of performance rights, and against the TPG remuneration report and also the re-election of Denis Ledbury as a director in order to encourage much-needed board renewal.

All ASA voting intentions are available here

The reports for AGMs that have been attended by ASA monitors are available hereor you may wish to follow ASA media mentions.

If you have not yet appointed your proxyyou can appoint the ASA to vote on your behalf according to our voting intentions.

Remember to have a look at our list of upcoming AGMs to see the dates for meetings over the next few weeks where we’ll have a company monitor in attendance.


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