Membership benefits

So many shareholders can't be wrong...

Who should join?Three older happy people sitting at a table

  • Retail shareholders
  • SMSF trustees
  • Investors seeking to improve their financial knowledge
  • Shareholders wanting to network with like-minded investors
  • Investors who prefer independent and reliable information, research, education and training

What are the benefits of membership?

Membership empowers investors. Collectively we have a strong voice and much greater influence than individual investors. We can make opinions stick. We can sway agendas

We vote more than $5 billion worth of proxies each year

Protect your investments through the influence of our united voice

  • Be better informed.  Use our online company monitoring and research on ASX-listed companies
  • Appoint the ASA as your proxy and make your vote count
  • Influence the board and company directors. Keep them accountable for company performance, executive remuneration, risk management and dividend policies
  • Insist on equitable treatment of minority shareholders

Learn through research, information, education and training

  • Beginners to experienced investors use our high quality, cost-effective education events to build knowledge and stay informed
  • Content is provided in a variety of formats, online and at member meetings
  • Access expert, up to date information in our monthly members’ magazine, EQUITY
  • View our member-only company monitoring of Australia’s top 200 companies

Connect with members and the broader financial community

  • Be heard – we represent your interests at AGMs, in business, government and the media
  • Meet and network with like-minded investors through regular meetings held across Australia and on our website
  • Engage, communicate and influence companies through the ASA
  • Receive member offers, invitations and discounts