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20th March 2014
ASA New Website

Read an excellent overview of our new website. Silvana covers the updated navigation, user-friendly design and numerous member...

Browse through this series of 'How to' articles to learn how to quickly and easily navigate your way around the ASAs new website.

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Exploring ASA's resources

The ASA resources page is an easy to use search function that allows you to explore all the ASA's resources.


Navigating the new ASA website

The ASA has a wonderful new website which will revolutionise your experience as a member. You will be able to easily and quickly change your password; update your profile;set up your areas of interest; renew; register for an event or purchase a product online; view your order history and easily navigate the website.


Sign up for a Special Interest Group

Members can sign up to a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs). If you subscribe to a SIG, information relevant to that group will display in your ‘Member Portal’.