Investing for the times

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In this rapidly changing world in terms of political tensions, turbulent markets, technological disruption, innovation and uncertainty it is challenging for investors to understand the implications these have for investing.

By attending this seminar you will gain a greater insight to how these events affect different asset classes and, more importantly, what you should avoid and where the next investment opportunities are.




The Australian share market - where are we heading?

The Australian economy has benefited from a prolonged period of uninterrupted growth. While the collapse of the resources boom presented challenges, the housing and construction markets have taken up most of the slack. How long can this continue and what will be the next major driver of Australian economic growth? With the Australian share market heading towards the 6,000 mark and many stocks looking expensive, are valuations supported by the economic outlook? Which sectors still look reasonable and which sectors are vulnerable to economic shock?


Morning tea


Global investing themes

While the global markets have taken Brexit, the election of Trump and the lurch to the right in Europe in their stride, what are the long-term implications of these events for international investors? What other potential shocks are lurking in the background? Since the election of Trump the U.S. market has forged ahead, but is it now overvalued? Which regional markets look best value and which markets are less susceptible to potential global shocks.


The rising middle class in China

With the Chinese investment boom slowing, there are expectations that the rise of consumerism will take over as the next key driver of Chinese economic growth. Is there evidence of this trend emerging and how prolonged will it be? Which other countries are experiencing this trend? What are the implications of this rising middle class for Australian investors and how can they benefit from this trend?




Profit from changing demographics

We are all familiar with the ageing demographic theme in developed countries and the implications for healthcare spending. But what other implications does this have and what other industries are likely to benefit from this theme, for example, travel, leisure, entertainment? What will different preferences and life experiences have on the spending patterns of the emerging younger generations and what impact will this have on businesses? This session will look at a number of domestic and international stocks likely to benefit from demographic change.


Finding opportunities from technology disruption

Rapid technological change is affecting the way we live and has major implications for the way we invest. Which companies will thrive in this climate and which companies will go the way of the dinosaur? This session will identify potential investment opportunities as well as ones that investors should avoid.

3.10pm Afternoon tea

Disruption in the energy markets

We live in a world where government policies to reduce carbon emissions will have significant impact in investment in energy markets. This session will look at the likely impact of carbon policies across the energy sector including coal, oil and gas, renewables, energy storage, transmission and distribution.

4.30pm Close

Speakers include:

  • Shane Oliver, AMP Capital (Sydney & Brisbane)
  • Kerr Neilson, Platinum (Sydney)
  • Michael Knox, Morgans (Brisbane)
  • Roger Montgomery, Montgomer Fund (Sydney & Melbourne)
  • Aaron Ross-Connolly, Patersons (Perth)
  • Jonathan Reyes, AMP Capital (Melbourne & Perth)


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