How to appoint the ASA as your proxy

Three quick steps

If you have elected to receive paper communications, you should have received a paper proxy form in the mail with the Notice of Meeting.

  1. Insert ‘Australian Shareholders Association’ on the proxy form in the correct box. Please don't abbreviate to ‘ASA’ as it may invalidate your vote. 
    You can leave the resolutions open (ie unmarked) or direct your proxy by marking either the For or Against box. Undirected (open) proxies allow the ASA to vote according to our published voting intentions.
  2. Sign and date the completed form. For joint holdings, both holders must sign.
  3. Send the completed form to the relevant share registry to arrive at least 48 hours prior to the AGM. Do not send forms to the ASA.

If you have questions about how to nominate the ASA as your proxy, please contact our National Office on 1300 368 448 or email

Make the appointment a standing one

If you'd like to save time filling out a proxy form for each meeting, complete a form to ask your company's share registry to appoint the ASA as your Standing Proxy at all future company meetings. Click here to learn more. 

Appointing a proxy online?

Visit this page to learn how to appoint a proxy online. 

Download ASA's Proxy Voting Brochure