Frequently Asked Questions - Company Monitoring

Bringing across the ASA archive from the old ASA system to the new was an important job but also a very big job. Unfortunately we weren't able to retain the monitor author attribution. We apologise to our valued monitor member volunteers and confirm that the attribution will be retained in the new system.

The ASA receives this data from Morningstar. The Final Results date is the day the financial statements are published in the Annual Report. We included this date as an aid to our monitors. Subject to feedback from members, in the next revision, we may change this to the date the preliminary results are published in the form of the Appendix 4E statements. If you have an opinion on this please let us know by email.

We try to ensure that delisted companies are unpublished from our site, but occasionally one slips through. Please email us the company name and stock ticker. We'll unpublish the listing, and thanks for letting us know. Delisted companies the ASA has monitored are retained as part of our archive.

We retain suspended companies on our Companies List but try to un-publish Delisted companies.  Occasionally we make an error. If you believe a company should be displayed in our list that isn't, please let us know by emailing us with the name of the company, its stock ticker and why you think it should be included on the Companies List.

This happens when the company is either newly listed, about to float or suspended. The date will display correctly when the company issues its first Notice of Meeting for it's first AGM. 
It's a little shortcoming in the way our new system displays data received from Morningstar, and will be corrected in a subsequent revision of the software.

We upgraded our systems in 2014 and imported our AGM archive into the new system. Reports older than mid 2014 retain the original format.