Explore four diverse methods for selecting, managing and selling shares. There is no single ‘right way’ to invest and this seminar will emphasise the importance of a share investment strategy. It will help you select or refine one that suits your resources and commitment. 

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Times Topics

9.00am - 9.10am

Introduction & Welcome

9.10am - 10.00am

Selecting your strategy 
Doug Turek, Professional Wealth

Before exploring approaches to share investing, Doug will outline why it is important to find a strategy to suit your personality, your lifestyle and financial needs. Are you investing for the long-term? Do you require an ongoing cash-flow? What level of risk are you prepared to take? As you progress on your investing journey you will, through trial and error, refine your strategy. Doug will outline how to document your strategy and monitor it to check it against expectations.

10.00am - 10.30am

Morning tea

10.30am - 11.30am

Constructing a portfolio using fundamental analysis
Elio D'Amato, Lincoln Indicators

Renowned by long-term investors, fundamental analysis provides investors with the comfort of knowing the intrinsic value of a share. Elio will outline the pros and cons and the type of investor this approach would suit. He will detail how to construct a long-term diversified portfolio and how to benchmark to the All Ordinaries Accumulation Index. Whether investing for growth or income, Elio will outline how to apply sound fundamental analysis principles to your share selection.

11.30am - 12.30pm

Trading and technical analysis
Gary Burton, FP Markets

What type of person do you need to be to spend your day trading? How much time and what resources should you dedicate? How do you go about documenting and testing your system? What amount should you start off with? How many shares should you invest in? Do traders make money? Gary will address these and all facets of what it takes to be a trader using technical analysis to choose your buy and sell triggers.

12.30pm - 1.15pm


1.15pm - 2.45pm

Combining fundamental and technical analysis
Gary Burton, FP Markets

Markets are efficient in adapting and foreseeing the near future. It was the original discovery by Charles Dow as markets foresaw economic turns well in advance. Often the technical observation of price can precede these large fundamental moves. The challenge for every market investor and trader is to take the fundamental analysis and ask does technical analysis support the investor’s view. Gary will outline the key fundamentals and trends to use to help you refine this strategy to suit your time, your investment horizon and resources available.

2.45pm - 3.15pm Afternoon tea

3.15pm - 4.15pm

The passive approach to share investing
Graham Hand, Cuffelinks

The stress and time of the research required to select individual stocks is daunting for many. This session will look at how to access the expertise of others without the need for a financial planner. Graham will show you how you can achieve diversification, using index funds, ETFs or LICs. You have the benefit of having professionals manage your money but still have exposure to the underlying investments. As with any approach there are pros and cons. Graha



Dr Doug Turek - Professional Wealth

Doug is Principal Adviser with Professional Wealth. In 2017, US investment magazine Barron’s named Doug Australia’s 6th best wealth adviser. He is a frequent presenter and passionate about investor literacy and a long-time contributor at ASA events.

Elio D'Amato
Elio D'Amato, Lincoln Indicators

With a research career extending 15 years Elio plays an integral role in both business and product development of the Stock Doctor platform. He is Lincoln’s Executive Director and his role includes presenting at industry events and investment workshops.

Gary Burton
Gary Burton - FP Markets

A member of the Australian Professional Technical Analysts Association (APTA), Gary is also a certified financial technical analyst with 7 years’ experience as a broker. He has worked for Macquarie Bank, RBS Morgans and Wilson HTM.

Graham Hand
Graham Hand, Cuffelinks

Graham Hand has 42 years’ experience in financial markets, starting at the Commonwealth Bank in 1976. In 1995 Graham retired from banking and embarked on full-time writing and consulting roles. He is a published author and Editor of Cuffelinks.

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Further details

Lunch, along with morning and afternoon teas are included
Speaker presentations
There will be NO printed speaker notes provided on the day. All delegates will be sent an outline link to the speaker presentations in PDF format 3 days prior to the event.
Refunds and cancellations
A full refund will be provided for all cancellations one week prior to the seminar. No refunds will be made within one week of the seminar. We are happy to accept a substitution within one day of the seminar.
Program amendments
Whilst every effort will be made to keep presentations as outlined, the Australian Shareholders' Association and the presenters, reserve the right to make any necessary amendments to the program. 

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