An investment plan provides the investor with a complete guide on how and when to invest and what to invest in. This ensures that the investor minimises risks and reduces emotional reactions which lead to mistakes and costly investment losses. Yet most investors do not have a written investment plan and this is one reason why so many investors underperform.

The investment plan needs to set out the investment goals, including the types of investments and their potential risks. The plan would state how these goals might be achieved, considering the investor’s age, timeframe, financial situation, risk tolerance and tax position. 

This webinar will discuss the different aspects of an investment plan and in doing so will briefly cover topics such as risk, stock analysis, investor emotion and sources of information. These topics provide essential inputs which the investor must understand when developing a comprehensive investment plan.

Bill Dodd  - Educator & ASA Member 
Bill is an experienced investor with a strong interest in investor education. Since 2008 he has given investment courses to investors in all states and his online investment course is available free to members on the Australian Shareholders Association website. Bill is concerned at the lack of knowledge of many investors who generally have poor investment returns and become vulnerable to unscrupulous professionals. Bill is a retired scientist and holds a PhD in biotechnology. Bill is a natural teacher whose extensive academic experience means he knows how to develop a very clear learning structure.

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