Pauline Gordon is an ASA member. She has developed a course titled ‘Introduction to investing’ at the request of U3A Toowoomba, which presents basic terminology and the process of investing. Participants included older women, recently retired younger men and others who wanted to enhance their investing journey.

This webinar is designed for those new to investing to introduce them to the terminology and process of investing. To successfully communicate with professionals in the financial planning industry one must understand the language. It is important for you as an investor to understand what is proposed for your savings so that you can make the decision as to whether this or that investment is for you. You also need to assess whether the investment is financially sound. You ought not rely solely on the word of an advisor without yourself doing some research and checking to determine whether the proposed investments meet your specific needs.

This webinar is not designed to in any way offer specific financial advice. It offers you instruction in the skills and processes so that you may make more informed investment decisions.

We will look at investment vehicles suitable for retail investors. However, in order to put the terminology into context we will concentrate predominantly on equities and the operation of the share market.

  • What are the risks involved in investing in the market? Strategies for minimizing risk. What is your risk tolerance?
  • Why is an investment plan an essential document?
  • Consider the fundamentals of a company. Where does this information come from? What indicators identify a healthy company?
  • Understanding the basics of price charts can supply useful information on when to buy and when to sell.

If you are early in your investment journey expect that you will not always get it right – no one does 100% of the time. You want to get it right most of the time so that your capital does not decline and your successes produce the returns you desire.

All registrants will receive a recording of the webinar.