In this rapidly changing world in terms of political tensions, turbulent markets, technological disruption, innovation and uncertainty it is challenging for investors to understand the implications these have for investing.

By attending this seminar you will gain a greater insight to how these events affect different asset classes and, more importantly, what you should avoid and where the next investment opportunities are


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The Australian share market - where are we heading?

The Australian economy has benefited from a prolonged period of uninterrupted growth. While the collapse of the resources boom presented challenges, the housing and construction markets have taken up most of the slack. How long can this continue and what will be the next major driver of Australian economic growth? With the Australian share market heading towards the 6,000 mark and many stocks looking expensive, are valuations supported by the economic outlook? Which sectors still look reasonable and which sectors are vulnerable to economic shock?


Morning tea


Global investing themes

While the global markets have taken Brexit, the election of Trump and the lurch to the right in Europe in their stride, what are the long-term implications of these events for international investors? What other potential shocks are lurking in the background? Since the election of Trump the U.S. market has forged ahead, but is it now overvalued? Which regional markets look best value and which markets are less susceptible to potential global shocks.


The rising middle class in China

With the Chinese investment boom slowing, there are expectations that the rise of consumerism will take over as the next key driver of Chinese economic growth. Is there evidence of this trend emerging and how prolonged will it be? Which other countries are experiencing this trend? What are the implications of this rising middle class for Australian investors and how can they benefit from this trend?




Profit from changing demographics

We are all familiar with the ageing demographic theme in developed countries and the implications for healthcare spending. But what other implications does this have and what other industries are likely to benefit from this theme, for example, travel, leisure, entertainment? What will different preferences and life experiences have on the spending patterns of the emerging younger generations and what impact will this have on businesses? This session will look at a number of domestic and international stocks likely to benefit from demographic change.


Finding opportunities from technology disruption

Rapid technological change is affecting the way we live and has major implications for the way we invest. Which companies will thrive in this climate and which companies will go the way of the dinosaur? This session will identify potential investment opportunities as well as ones that investors should avoid.

3.10pm Afternoon tea

Disruption in the energy markets

We live in a world where government policies to reduce carbon emissions will have significant impact in investment in energy markets. This session will look at the likely impact of carbon policies across the energy sector including coal, oil and gas, renewables, energy storage, transmission and distribution.

4.30pm Close



Further details on speakers will be advised shortly.


Roger Montgomery, Chief Investment Officer, Montgomery Investment Management

Roger Montgomery is the founder, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Montgomery Investment Management. He is a renowned value investor with more than 22 years experience. Following a successful career as an analyst and public company Chairman Roger published the First Edition of his stock market guide,, in 2010, becoming an Australian best seller in just 16 weeks.

He appears fortnightly on the ABC's The Business program as well as Sky Business and ABC radio, and writes regular commentary for major financial publications and newspapers.

Robert Swift, Head of Global Equity Strategies, TAMIM Global High Conviction IMA

Robert has worked as a fund manager in the investment industry for over 30 years. Before managing the TAMIM Global High Conviction IMA and API Capital, he managed $20bn as head of multi strategies at BTIM in Sydney and prior to that was jointly responsible for over $200bn while a Chief Investment Officer at Putnam Investments in Boston, USA. He recently joined the investment committee at Local Government Super, an $8bn industry superannuation fund, based in Australia.

Douglas Isles, Investment Specialist, Platinum Asset Management

Douglas joined Platinum in May 2003 as an investment analyst covering aerospace and defence and as primary communicator for advisory/client presentations.  He previously worked for CBA as a product actuary and prior to this as an investment manager for Aegon Asset Management in the UK.  Douglas left Platinum in October 2008 to work in Singapore where he developed Standard Chartered Bank’s equities broking business.  Having re-joined Platinum in February 2013, Douglas role is as investment specialist and intermediary between the investment team and the retail advisory network.

James Tsinidis, Portfolio Manager, Munro Partners

James Tsinidis joined Munro Partners in November 2016 and is responsible for championing stock ideas and managing these positions within the Munro Global Growth Fund over time. He has 12 years of financial services experience and holds Bachelor of Commerce degree from La Trobe University and a Postgraduate Certificate of Applied Finance from Macquarie University.

James has previously worked as Portfolio Manager where he was based in both Melbourne and Edinburgh and was entirely focused on the US, European and Asian stock markets. Having worked previously with the other members of the Munro investment team, James is well versed evaluating investment ideas using Munro’s proprietary growth focused process.

Jonathan Reyes, Portfolio Manager, AMP Capital

Jonathan Reyes is based in AMP Capital’s Sydney office and is responsible for the analysis of infrastructure companies in North America and Asia Pacific. He joined the financial industry in 2002 having held roles in the US and Sydney across a broad range of sectors. He has focused exclusively on listed infrastructure since 2009. Before joining AMP Capital in December 2010, Mr Reyes held positions with RARE Infrastructure in Sydney and Bear Stearns & Co. in New York. Most recently, Mr Reyes was an investment analyst with RARE Infrastructure where he covered Australian and emerging markets infrastructure securities. He holds a Bachelor of General Studies in Economics from the University of Kansas.

Justyn Peters, Executive Chairman, Leigh Creek Energy

Justyn joined Leigh Creek Energy as Non-Executive Director on 28 November 2014 and was appointed Executive Chairman on 27 May 2015.  Mr. Peters has more than 25 years extensive environmental management experience, including as University Environment Lecturer, Legal Counsel for the Department of Environment and Heritage, Manager of Compliance and Investigation for the Queensland EPA, Director of Environment for the EPA, Environment Advisor for the Queensland Mining Council and Head of Property and Environment/National Environment and Property Manager of Airservices Australia, an Australian government Statutory Authority.


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Lunch, along with morning and afternoon teas are included.

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The speaker presentations will be loaded to this page for you to download 3 days prior to the event. No printed handouts will be available on the day.

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Parliament train station is approximately 600m walk from the venue. When exiting the station, head north on Spring St towards Bourke St. Take a slight left on Spring St, and turn left onto Lonsdale St. Turn right onto Exhibition St and the venue will be on your right.


There is a Secure Parking lot at 59 Lonsdale St. Please click here for their rates. There is also a Wilsons Parking station at 150 Little Lonsdale Street. Please click here for their rates.

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A full refund will be provided for all cancellations one week prior to the seminar. No refunds will be made within one week of the seminar. We are happy to accept a substiution within one day of the seminar.

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