Corporate membership

ASX listed companies can benefit from valuing their direct shareholders with ASA Corporate Membership.

A healthy investment ecosystem is in everyone’s interest.

For nearly 60 years, we have been dedicated to supporting Australians become better investors and strengthening the direct investment sector as a whole. Our work to support the growing number of individual investors has risen in importance with the ever-growing need to be proactive in maintaining a strong, healthy investment sector.

The work of ASA is significant in ensuring that the direct shareholder is not only a recognised investor group but that their importance is understood by the wider business community. As there are many forces driving change, ASA offers a strong, independent individual investor support system to manage through changing times.

Supporting and protecting direct shareholders as long-term investors.

Often direct shareholders are a buffer for shareholder activism and market noise that can be ‘issues-led’. 

Our corporate membership offering signifies that retail shareholders are long-term, stable shareholders who are likely to support long-term decision-making by boards of directors which in turn assists such boards to resist pressure from short-term investors, who frequently create the 'noise' in the market

Join a significant number of companies who are ASA corporate members to engage more directly with ASA’s members and also guarantee you:

  • Open lines of communication with ASA on strategic policy matters important for healthy governance.
  • Gaining insight from our collective members’ views on matters of genuine importance by accessing the views of retail shareholders through ASA as one conduit (rather than trying to engage with thousands of individual retail shareholders).
  • Access to what ASA thinks about peer companies on key issues of governance, remuneration and director stewardship, through access to our voting intentions and AGM reports on all monitored companies.

Show you are serious about your direct shareholders to the same level as you support other stakeholders.

By taking out an ASA Corporate Membership not only are you formally recognising the overall value of your direct shareholder now and into the future, but it means we can deliver significant, practical and direct education initiatives that your shareholders will benefit from. All of which is designed to provide strong foundational support to enable confident investing in the ASX listed companies and beyond.

Secure meaningful engagement with your direct investors through ASA Corporate Membership.

There is a corporate membership best suited to your company based upon the S&P/ASX Index. Please contact Annalisa Haskell, CEO on 1300 368 448 or email