Corporate membership

Corporate membership of ASA provides:

  • access to the views of retail shareholders through one conduit, rather than trying to engage with hundreds of thousands of individual retail shareholders
  • recognition that retail shareholders, as long-term, stable shareholders, are likely to support long-term decision-making by the board, which in turn assists boards to resist pressure from short-term investors, who frequently create the 'noise' in the market
  • recognition that retail shareholders are likely to be a buffer against shareholder activism
  • a genuine means of showing support of retail shareholders through a variety of means, which ASA is happy to discuss with companies
  • access to what ASA thinks about peer companies on key issues of governance, remuneration and director stewardship, through access to our voting intentions and AGM reports on all monitored companies.

Secure meaningful engagement with this cohort of investors. Retail shareholders can be considered almost as 'one' investor through engagement with ASA.


$1,500 + GST 
Retail shareholders comprise 10%-15% of register by value 


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 $5,000 + GST
Retail shareholders comprise 16%-39% of register by value


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$10,000 + GST
Retail shareholders comprise more than 40% of the register by value


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