ASA as your standing proxy

Tired of filling in proxy forms?

If you don't want to lodge a proxy form every time you receive a Notice of Meeting, you can appoint the ASA as your standing proxy.

The main features of a standing proxy are:

  • It removes the hassle of filling in proxy forms for every meeting and it gives the ASA an undirected proxy, if not otherwise revoked for the particular meeting.

  • It’s only a default instruction to a company’s registry. The shareholder can still attend the meeting, nominate an alternative proxy, direct proxy votes or vote directly without abrogating their standing proxy for future meetings.


How to appoint the ASA as your standing proxy

  1. Complete a Standing Proxy Form (links are below).
    Both Computershare and Link have their own form, so you will need to find out the share registry for your company's shares. For other registries, use the generic form.

  2. Post or fax the form to the relevant share registry - the contact details are on the form.

Download standing proxy forms

Not sure who the share registry is? Click here to see a list of share registries.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know whether my standing proxy form has been received?

Registries do not issue confirmation letters, so it may be worth contacting the share registry to confirm that your standing proxies are in place.

How do I find out the companies I have appointed ASA as a standing proxy? The ASA does not receive information about who has appointed the ASA as a proxy and the companies to which an appointment relate. You will need to contact the share registry to confirm this. 
I am still receiving the AGM package of documents. Can I ignore them?

You will still receive the AGM package of documents, whether you have a standing proxy or not. This will allow you to revoke your proxy for a particular meeting or give us a directed proxy. We encourage you to read the AGM materials but you can ignore the proxy form included in the package if you wish to retain your standing proxy.

I am recently bought more shares in the company. Do I need to fill in a new standing proxy form? No. If you acquire more shares under the same HIN or SRN (such as via a dividend reinvestment), your standing proxy will apply to these new shares. Please note however you will need to complete a separate standing proxy form if the holding is under a different SRN or HIN.
How do I revoke my standing proxy?

Simply write to the share registry and advise them of your change.

Can I still attend the AGM if I have appointed the ASA as my standing proxy?

A proxy, including a standing proxy, does not preclude a shareholder from attending a company meeting.  You can still attend and sign in as a “visitor”, although this does not come with rights to ask questions or vote because the voting rights remains assigned to the proxyholder. You can also attend as a “non-voting shareholder”, which allows you to ask questions or make comments, without voting. Or, if you like, suspend or revoke the proxy at the registration desk for the meeting.  This will allow you to also vote from the floor of the meeting.  The Standing Proxy will continue for other meetings of the company.