ASA as your standing proxy

By appointing ASA as your standing proxy, ASA will do the work for you and vote on your behalf at all future meetings of the company. It removes the hassle of filling in proxy forms for every meeting and you can revoke the appointment at any time. 

How to appoint the ASA as your standing proxy

  1. Complete standing proxy forms for each of your holdings (links are below). Both Computershare and Link have their own form, so you will need to find out the share registry for your company's shares. For other registries, use the generic form. Post or fax the form to the relevant share registry - the contact details are on the form.

  2. Easier option - ASA can now complete the standing proxy forms for you. All you need to do is sign the forms and return them to the relevant share registry. Click here to fill in your details via the online form, or if you prefer, you can use the printable form below under 'Other helpful resources'. 

Download standing proxy forms

Other helpful resources

We encourage all members and shareholders, whether they plan to attend an AGM or not, to make their vote count by nominating ASA as their proxy.