Appointing a proxy online

Electronic communications are increasingly popular 

More and more companies are using electronic means to communicate with their shareholders, and almost will allow you to appoint a proxy online. Some of the larger companies will also allow you to vote directly online.

It all starts when you receive a Notice of Meeting by email. The email usually includes a link to the online Annual Report and a hyperlink to access your company's voting system. Simply click the link.

Linking to the share registry wesbite

The share registry websites all differ slightly. Taking Computershare as an example, after confirming your ID to locate your holding, decide how to cast your vote - Vote Directly (if available) or Appoint a proxy. Click the Appoint a proxy option. You can elect to vote all your holding as in the example or to split your vote.

Continuing with the Computershare example, on the next page, you have the option to appoint the Chairman as your proxy or to appoint someone else as your proxy. To appoint the ASA as your proxy, click on the Other Appointee option and type ‘Australian Shareholders Association’ in full into the box. Please don't abbreviate to ‘ASA’ as in this example, as it may invalidate your vote.

Scroll further down the page for the meeting resolutions. Leave your vote open (ie unmarked) or direct your proxy by clicking the For or Against option. Open undirected proxies allow the ASA to vote according to our published voting intentions.




Body corporate or individual?

Some registry websites ask you to select a Body Corporate or Individual when choosing a proxy. Click on the "Body Corporate" option and then follow the instructions above. 

Complete the remaining steps and submit your proxy/vote.

Changing communication preferences

Sometimes the website will give you an option to change your communication preferences. Ensure you read these options carefully as the options are different for each company. 


Your first point of call should be the share registry itself.  If you have questions about how to nominate the ASA as your proxy, please contact our National Office on 1300 368 448.