About company monitoring

Effective engagement is the best form of shareholder activism

The ASA's company monitoring objective is to positively influence outcomes for retail shareholders. We want all shareholders to be treated equitably. We advocate for change where change is due. 

Each year, the ASA monitors the performance of Australia's ASX200 companies along with others of interest to members. 

Company monitoring is focused on three broad areas of interest to all investors: executive remuneration, corporate governance and capital management

The ASA has a dedicated team of company monitors who meet with company chairmen and directors to discuss issues of importance to our members.  Based on our board engagement and independent analysis of the annual report and financial statements, our monitors prepare voting intentions having to regard to ASA's voting guidelines and attend AGMs on behalf of our members.

Our voting intentions set out how the ASA will vote undirected proxies at the meetings and the reasons for our decision. They are posted on our website 2 weeks prior to the AGM.

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