How to listen to a podcast?

Phil Muscatello, Shares for Beginners

What’s a podcast and how do I listen to one? Why should I listen to podcasts?  In this webinar we’re covering all things podcast.

Podcasts are like little radio programs delivered straight to your phone, tablet or computer. They are great for entertainment and learning.  Many podcasts are targeted at investors and they can help you to hone your skills while learning from the best. The ASA has launched a new podcast called The Equity Investor Journey.  It’s presented and produced by Phil Muscatello who will be convening this webinar.  

You’ll learn how to find, subscribe and play podcasts on your favourite device so that you can learn more about investing. The Association is committed to sharing as much information as possible during these times of social isolation.

Phil Muscatello is the host of Shares for Beginners and the ASAs new podcast The Equity Investor Journey.

Phil is a highly experienced content producer who has worked at the ABC, Triple-J, 2Triple-M & 2SM as well as creating corporate media for clients like CBA, ING Bank, Pfizer & the Australian Defence Force