Your Membership Benefits

The Benefits of ASA Membership

ASA Corporate Membership gives you a powerful edge over peer companies.

Engage with ASA Executives and Board

Stay ahead of the curve by consulting with the Australian Shareholders’ Association about shareholder views.

ASA Industry Advocacy Review

Get the latest changes to guidelines and a review of the AGM season from ASA Advocacy and providing clarity on ASA's positions for the year.

Voting intentions

The ASA’s voting intentions reflect how the ASA intends to vote proxies on resolutions at company general meetings for you and your peers, along with the research to back up our rationale.

AGM reports

Available within two weeks after meetings, this report summarises the meeting and is published online and in EQUITY.

EQUITY Magazine

This 24-page magazine allows our members to stay informed and build financial knowledge through topical and expert articles about investing, corporate governance and the share market.

ASA individual membership for executive team and board

ASA believes that it’s important for key staff and directors to have access to the ASA to provide them with shareholder perspectives.

ASA Investor Conference passes and ASA Investor Conference dinner tickets

Our two-day annual conference is our flagship event, attracting the most dedicated investors within the membership. The dinner is held on the evening of day one, after happy hour drinks.

Employee ASA membership offer

Support your staff by giving this critical group of stakeholders access to the largest independent organisation standing up for shareholder rights.