Are your dates appearing in US format?

The ASA website shows the date format according to the Language/Location of your internet browser (what you use to access websites).

Here are some instructions for changing this in commonly used internet browsers.

Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox


Google Chrome

  1. Go to Customise > Settings
  2.  Scroll down to click Advanced
  3.  Find Languages > Language. Click Add Languages
  4.  Select English (Australia) (We recommend using the search bar) > Add
  5.  Select Display Google Chrome in this language and Move to the top
  6.  You will need to Relaunch, which will close shut down and reopen your Chrome windows.
  7. Dates should then show in the Australian format (DD/MM/YYYY).


Mozilla Firefox

  1. Go to Firefox settings > Options
  2. Go to Language > Choose...
  3. Select English (Australia) > Add
  4. Make sure English (Australia) is at the top of the list and then click OK
  5. You should then be able to refresh your page to show the dates in the Australian format.