As Australia's leading independent, not-for-profit association protecting and advancing the interests of investors, the ASA is proud of the partnerships and relationships we have with our affiliates. We are selective about the types of organisations we partner with and align ourselves with affiliates that share our mission and passion for shareholder advocacy, good corporate governance and protecting shareholder rights.
The important work we do in research, investor education and raising the standard of corporate governance in Australia is enhanced and leveraged by these collaborative, long-standing relationships.

The New Zealand Shareholders Association (NZSA) was founded in 2001 and like the ASA is an independent, not for profit subscription-based organisation.

ASA members can join the NZSA free of charge. As an NZSA member you will have access to all areas of the NZSA website; will receive the bi-monthly members magazine, The Scrip; receive member email pulses and have access to all NZSA events on the same basis as NZ members.

The Association of Independent Retirees (AIR) is a research and advocacy organisation for fully or in-part self-funded retirees (SFR).
ASA members can participate in the broader issues of economic, taxation and social issues that impact upon SFR or those about to retire. General information on all aspects of retirement is available with special interest groups addressing issues such as taxation, aged care, self-managed superannuation etc.
AIR has over 70 branches throughout Australia.
Do you hold small parcels of shares and want an alternative way to tidy up your portfolio? If so, it might be worthwhile obtaining some details about ShareGift Australia.

ShareGift Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that provides you with an easy and tax deductible way to sell and donate small parcels of shares that would otherwise be difficult to trade. ShareGift Australia donate the proceeds to eligible Australian charities. The program is endorsed by both ASX and ASA.
ASA has partnered with The Wealth Academy (TWA), which focuses on the financial life skills education of Australian youth. The company does this through the provision of financial life skill resources for those individuals, organisations, companies and entities which also value financial education: The resources of TWA are youth-focused but are whole-of-community oriented.
The Educated Investor Bookshop is the perfect place for investors to find the tools to help them research their investments, better understand the share market and improve their investment portfoliio. This Melbourne based, specialised bookshop stocks a wide range of books and software products specifically aimed at the investment and financial areas.