Understanding current events and market risks with Bill Dodd

Part 1: Understanding current events in the stock market

Webinar recording available from Monday 6 April 2020

Bill will discuss the current bear market, aiming to provide an understanding of how this bear market is developing. With some insights into the market and the risks that are involved, an investor can avoid making expensive errors and can be prepared to enter the next bull market.

Part 2: Understanding market risk to avoid losses

Webinar recording available from Wednesday 15 April 2020

Bill will look at the 2008 bear market to see what we need to learn from that bear market and what we can apply to the current market. He will show you how you can apply them to the current market. Bill will show how we can use this information to develop a strategy to enter the next bull market.

This is a webinar recording NOT a live webinar. You can access the recordings anytime from the date available. You do not need to purchase this webinar recording twice. A URL link to the webinar recordings will be sent to your email upon purchasing this product. Please call 02 9252 4244 if you have any problems accessing the webinar recording page.


Bill Dodd, ASA Member
Bill has been delivering investment education courses since 2008. He is concerned at the lack of investment knowledge of many investors who become vulnerable to finance professionals many of whom have a long record of poor performance and often may not work in the best interests of their clients. Bill is retired and holds a PhD in biotechnology.


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